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Fresh political voice Ryan Bernsten traveled to all 50 states to answer...

Offering a fresh perspective on U.S. politics, American national and Oxford University Masters graduate Ryan Bernsten’s book 50 States of Mind:... read more

22.02.2023 • By Bite-Sized Books

Former Times executive Liz Gerard unpicks the Daily Mail’s recent...

Liz Gerard’s newly published book, Trussed Up, chronicles how The Daily Mail tied itself in knots over the Tory leadership – from the demise of... read more

03.02.2023 • By Bite-Sized Books

Radical new theory of gravity vividly explained in new book

A comprehensive theory of the nature of the force which causes what we sense as gravity has always been elusive. So far Newton and then Einstein... read more

04.08.2022 • By Bite-Sized Books

Business gurus McMaster & Brown challenge top global consulting firms...

Internationally recognised consultants Mike McMaster and Adrian Brown have set out their new ‘disruptive’ thinking in an upcoming seven book... read more

08.07.2022 • By Bite-Sized Books


China FT columnist Yue He Parkinson’s new book, China’s Ukraine Dilemma – The Shaping of a New World Order , published this month by Bite-Sized... read more

19.05.2022 • By Bite-Sized Books

Bite-Sized Books signs partnership agreement with Copper Coin Publishing...

Bite-Sized Books, the fast-growing UK publishing house, has formed a partnership with Delhi-based Copper Coin Publishing to facilitate book... read more

28.02.2022 • By Bite-Sized Books

Farrukh Dhondy and Bite-Sized Books announce publishing, TV & Film...

Acclaimed novelist, television executive and screen writer Farrukh Dhondy has signed publishing company, Bite-Sized Books to publish his latest... read more

24.11.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

Bite-Sized Books publishes three more Environment books in the lead up...

Bite-Sized Books is playing its part in sharing know-how, advice, and the social consequences of climate change in the lead up to and beyond the... read more

29.10.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

Bite-Sized Books publishes: Morse, Lewis, Endeavour and Oxford: A Guide...

Bite-Sized Books has teamed up again with former BBC producer and prolific author and editor, John Mair, to create a unique book that will please... read more

28.10.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

Mark Brolin’s new book on populism draws input from six of the sharpest...

Bite-Sized Books has today published Healing Broken Democracies – All you need to know about Populism . Available now on Amazon here . The... read more

09.09.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

Publishing house Bite-Sized Books acquired by entrepreneur Julian Costley

Bite-Sized Books Limited, the UK publishing house founded by Dr Paul Davies, has been acquired by entrepreneur Julian Costley. Julian Costley... read more

22.07.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

‘The BBC at 100 – Will it Survive?’

Bite-Sized Books has just published John Mair’s latest edited book: BBC at 100 – Will it Survive?  With the troubled atmosphere surrounding... read more

14.07.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books

Former BBC editor, Mihir Bose, releases new book – ‘Narendra Modi – The...

Mihir Bose, prolific author and equality advocate, has today released his new book that explores the idea that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra... read more

10.03.2021 • By Bite-Sized Books